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 Okay so the second group to publish was myself and Odsbodkins! You can find their awesome fic here:


and my art here: 


But wait, there's more!! 

Andinthosemoments posted their super fanfiction here:


accompanied by Sconee's fabulous art here:


So be sure to check those out if you haven't already!!

First post!

Dec. 7th, 2013 02:41 am
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 Alrighty, so here is the master post for number 4! 

The team was myself and Ballvvasher. The finished products can be found here:


and here:

I'll be updating the community as more people post so if you're planning on posting please do send me a link so I can also post it here and make a final masterpost on tumblr for all to see!
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 Hey guys, since I can also draw and this is my only artistic endeavor right now I've taken the final prompt to draw which means that artist claims are closed! If you know anyone who still does want to participate but hasn't gotten around to it then please have them email me at capwinterbigbang@gmail.com. Things went on a little longer than I'd have liked however I wanted everyone to have ample opportunity so artists will have until December 5th to finish their drawings and then the posting of both art and fic shall begin. 

I'll send your assignments out tonight so look forward to it!
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 Hi there, all! 

The time for writing(or at least, the majority of the writing...) is done! I've recieved everyone's drafts and we officially have, wait for it...4 submissions! :D

So, first thing's first, to sign up as an artist(unless I've already gotten your sign up) please COMMENT HERE saying which draft you would like to claim and how you'd prefer to be contacted(through DW, through email)! It's first come first serve so please provide a second option in case you're unable to get your first choice! If there are a lot of people signing up as artists I'll allow three people to claim one prompt however that's the max-we want everyone to have an artist after all! Claims will close either when the max amount of people to one prompt is reached or in 48 hours. OK, without further ado, here are your options!

“Those who are dead are not dead; they’re just living in my head…” Steve has to come to terms with his problems, and quickly, because someone has been following him."
Warnings: hallucinations, a bit of 1940's perceptions of mental illnesses, violence with a good bit of blood

2. WING 
"Steve is one of the unlucky few born with wings.  In the society he is growing up in, these are seen as unnatural and wrong.  After his mother’s death, he finds himself in an orphanage, and his wings are removed, leaving long scars across his back and meaning that he is haunted by nightmares.  But it is there that he finds a friend who sticks by him when he faces prejudice and hatred, and with whom in time he finds himself falling in love."
Violence towards children, references to alcohol abuse, death of a parent, institutionalised prejudice and violence because of it, mentions of suicide by incredibly minor characters and suicidal thoughts.

"In the eyes of God, Steve Rogers was dead. He was still breathing, still walking around, but he was dead."
This fic is my attempt at a functioning ABO 'verse, since most stories with this premise leave me wondering how the society could have developed to modernity with all the issues raised by heats/bonding/male pregnancy. Steve Rogers is learning to cope without his bond-mate in the 21st century, and deal with the new threats the century throws at him."
Warnings: N/A

(Gender-swap) Stephanie Rogers and  Jeanette "Bucky" Barnes have been together for months now and the ghosts of the past have mostly been left exactly there. They never anticipated someone they thought was dead to return-or to have his sights set on Steph and the Super Soldier Serum. Now it's up to Bucky to save Steph but will she be too late?
Warnings: N/A

Let's give all of our prompts some love! 

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 Hello, darlings! 

Just a reminder that your drafts are due by 12am EST tonight!!! Please send your drafts to capwinterbigbang@gmail.com , thanks!
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 Hi all, hope your writing is going well! 

So, as we all draw nearer to the due date for our drafts I figured that a beta reader post was in order. If you'd also just like to be a cheerleader(someone to encourage a writer but not necessarily critique their fic) please reply here with just "Cheerleader" in the subject line!

If you'd like to be a beta reader please reply here with:
(subject line: BETA FOR HIRE)
Your username:
Canons you can beta for: 
Where you expertise lies(characterization, plot pacing critique, grammar, all of the above):
What you absolutely cannot beta:
The rating you'd read up to(P, PG-13, M, E):
Your preferred method of contact(through DW, Tumblr, Skype, etc):

If you are in need a beta reader please reply here with:
(subject line: BETA NEEDED)
Your username:
Your fic's canon(even if it's an AU just say MCU AU or 616 AU!):
Your fic's rating:
Any warnings(character death, non-con, etc): 
Preferred Beta level(ex:would you like someone to critique only your grammar or plot or both):
Your preferred method of contact(through DW, Tumblr, Skype, etc):

It's not up to me to find you a beta remember so if someone replies to this post that you'd like to read your fic please message them! 
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 Thanks for all of you who signed up! Remember you have until the 27th of October to finish your drafts at which point in time you'll send a summary and a copy of your draft to me at capwinterbigbang@gmail.com and I'll set up the artist claim post. 

Happy writing everyone!!
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 Hi guys, so I received no votes and so have assumed you all are totally cool with the date changes. 

Remember, anyone on this page who doesn't subscribe, writer sign-ups end on the 23rd so if you haven't sent your email to capwinterbigbang@gmail.com make sure to do it soon! 
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 Hi guys, your friendly mod here again! 

I've been informed that many of the dates for this bang are in fact the same as the Marvel Big Bang-great minds think alike, apparently ;)-and as such, in the spirit of cooperation with those participating in MBB I have decided to change the dates of both the draft submissions and the posting schedule. So instead the drafts would be due the 27th of October instead of October 6th and posting would begin December 1st.

HOWEVER! Because I am a somewhat benevolent mod I'd like to put it down to a vote. If the change is okay with you please comment here with "aye" if not a simple "nay" will suffice. If in 48 hours there are no votes either positive or negative, or there are only positive votes the change will go ahead. As usual, if there are any questions or concerns you need addressed please feel free to email me at capwinterbigbang@gmail.com 
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Hi everyone, I hope life is treating you well! Okay, so let's get right to it.


What is a Big Bang?

A Big Bang is a celebration of a pairing(or fandom) in which authours and artists collaborate to make beautiful, beautiful masterpieces. In this case the minimum word count will be 15,000 words(there is no maximum). The subject matter can be anything your heart desires so long as it focuses on Steve and Bucky. As such, fanfiction where they are in other relationships and that relationship is in the forefront(ie there are more scenes with Steve/Sharon than there are Steve and Bucky) cannot be accepted! Genderswaps are fine, AUs are great, canon fic is spectacular!

This is my first time running a bang of any sort so if you have any concerns or questions or feedback you can give me then please feel free to either comment here with them or private message me. I won't bite! As for right now I don't foresee myself needing any help running this because we're a fairly small group however if I need volunteers I'll post a call here.

Alright! The nitty gritty.

Signups open: July 13, 2013
Signups close: July 23, 2013
Writers write: July 23-October 27 2013(this is negotiable within reason*)
Drafts* and summaries due:  October 27 2013
Summaries posted for artist claims, drafts sent to artists: October 27-28, 2013
Artists draw the things, writers edit their fics: October 28-November 28(also negotiable within reason)
Everyone chooses a date to post: November 28-29(but please be prompt-the faster get this over with the faster everyone sees your stuff!)
Posting of the art and fic: December 1st.-whenever the last date people chose to post comes up!

*Draft means that your fic is 90%-100% finished. The artist needs something to go on-if you have a scene you'd like drawn out then it's best to write it rather than stress your artist out by emailing them while they're supposed to be drawing with a bunch of information you didn't include!
**within reason basically means if everyone else is finished and you're asking for an additional two weeks that's pretty unreasonable/unfair to everyone else to have to wait on you to proceed. 

Please send an email with the subject line "Stevebucky big bang 2013 authour sign up" to capwinterbigbang@gmail.com to add your might to the list of writers taking up this Herculean challenge! There will be no sign up for artists until the artist claim on the 8th of October so artists, you can rest easy for now. That said, if you find yourself unable to continue writing please don't hesitate to drop out before the 8th. There's no hard feelings! 

If you are willing to be a pinch hitter(someone who will draw for a prompt in the case that someone is left without an artist due to a sudden dropout) please comment here! Similarly, if you're willing to write a fic and draw for someone else's please comment here-we're a small group and I don't yet know the writer to artist ratio!  

I will be posting a cheerleader/volunteer beta post once sign ups have closed so if you're neither a writer nor an artist but you know how to proofread or type encouraging words you can still help out!

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