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Hi everyone, I hope life is treating you well! Okay, so let's get right to it.


What is a Big Bang?

A Big Bang is a celebration of a pairing(or fandom) in which authours and artists collaborate to make beautiful, beautiful masterpieces. In this case the minimum word count will be 15,000 words(there is no maximum). The subject matter can be anything your heart desires so long as it focuses on Steve and Bucky. As such, fanfiction where they are in other relationships and that relationship is in the forefront(ie there are more scenes with Steve/Sharon than there are Steve and Bucky) cannot be accepted! Genderswaps are fine, AUs are great, canon fic is spectacular!

This is my first time running a bang of any sort so if you have any concerns or questions or feedback you can give me then please feel free to either comment here with them or private message me. I won't bite! As for right now I don't foresee myself needing any help running this because we're a fairly small group however if I need volunteers I'll post a call here.

Alright! The nitty gritty.

Signups open: July 13, 2013
Signups close: July 23, 2013
Writers write: July 23-October 27 2013(this is negotiable within reason*)
Drafts* and summaries due:  October 27 2013
Summaries posted for artist claims, drafts sent to artists: October 27-28, 2013
Artists draw the things, writers edit their fics: October 28-November 28(also negotiable within reason)
Everyone chooses a date to post: November 28-29(but please be prompt-the faster get this over with the faster everyone sees your stuff!)
Posting of the art and fic: December 1st.-whenever the last date people chose to post comes up!

*Draft means that your fic is 90%-100% finished. The artist needs something to go on-if you have a scene you'd like drawn out then it's best to write it rather than stress your artist out by emailing them while they're supposed to be drawing with a bunch of information you didn't include!
**within reason basically means if everyone else is finished and you're asking for an additional two weeks that's pretty unreasonable/unfair to everyone else to have to wait on you to proceed. 

Please send an email with the subject line "Stevebucky big bang 2013 authour sign up" to capwinterbigbang@gmail.com to add your might to the list of writers taking up this Herculean challenge! There will be no sign up for artists until the artist claim on the 8th of October so artists, you can rest easy for now. That said, if you find yourself unable to continue writing please don't hesitate to drop out before the 8th. There's no hard feelings! 

If you are willing to be a pinch hitter(someone who will draw for a prompt in the case that someone is left without an artist due to a sudden dropout) please comment here! Similarly, if you're willing to write a fic and draw for someone else's please comment here-we're a small group and I don't yet know the writer to artist ratio!  

I will be posting a cheerleader/volunteer beta post once sign ups have closed so if you're neither a writer nor an artist but you know how to proofread or type encouraging words you can still help out!

pitch-hitter/artist sign up

Date: 2013-07-13 05:14 pm (UTC)
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I signed up to be a writer and I'm willing to draw for someone's fic if life doesn't get too hectic in the fall, too. :)


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