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Official Beta Reader volunteer post!

 Hi all, hope your writing is going well! 

So, as we all draw nearer to the due date for our drafts I figured that a beta reader post was in order. If you'd also just like to be a cheerleader(someone to encourage a writer but not necessarily critique their fic) please reply here with just "Cheerleader" in the subject line!

If you'd like to be a beta reader please reply here with:
(subject line: BETA FOR HIRE)
Your username:
Canons you can beta for: 
Where you expertise lies(characterization, plot pacing critique, grammar, all of the above):
What you absolutely cannot beta:
The rating you'd read up to(P, PG-13, M, E):
Your preferred method of contact(through DW, Tumblr, Skype, etc):

If you are in need a beta reader please reply here with:
(subject line: BETA NEEDED)
Your username:
Your fic's canon(even if it's an AU just say MCU AU or 616 AU!):
Your fic's rating:
Any warnings(character death, non-con, etc): 
Preferred Beta level(ex:would you like someone to critique only your grammar or plot or both):
Your preferred method of contact(through DW, Tumblr, Skype, etc):

It's not up to me to find you a beta remember so if someone replies to this post that you'd like to read your fic please message them! 

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