commentoraccountmodel1 ([personal profile] commentoraccountmodel1) wrote in [community profile] capwinterbigbang2013-07-15 01:15 am

Date adjustment

 Hi guys, your friendly mod here again! 

I've been informed that many of the dates for this bang are in fact the same as the Marvel Big Bang-great minds think alike, apparently ;)-and as such, in the spirit of cooperation with those participating in MBB I have decided to change the dates of both the draft submissions and the posting schedule. So instead the drafts would be due the 27th of October instead of October 6th and posting would begin December 1st.

HOWEVER! Because I am a somewhat benevolent mod I'd like to put it down to a vote. If the change is okay with you please comment here with "aye" if not a simple "nay" will suffice. If in 48 hours there are no votes either positive or negative, or there are only positive votes the change will go ahead. As usual, if there are any questions or concerns you need addressed please feel free to email me at